T Bar C Ranch

4 head of 1st calf pairs.

Rob Hill

12 True F-1 first calf pairs

Dustin Rayburn

5 head of True F-1 1st and 2nd calf cows. Calves sired by black SimAngus bull. 

3 head have fall born calves at side and exposed back to the same black SimAngus bull since December 13th. 2 head will be spring calvers. One has calved already. 

Addison Wilson

Three Tiger Stripe pairs. These are first calvers with early born calves.

Sorrells Farm

6 head of Purebred Brangus heifer pairs. Calves are sired by Angus bull.

Joe Brown

70 head of 4-6 year old cows. Mostly pairs by sale day. Calves sired by Black Hereford bulls and exposed back to Charolais bulls. Nice set of calf raising cows.

Joe Brown

Brangus Heifer Pairs. Nice set of Brangus heifers with their 1st calves.

Oak Ridge Farms

15 Balancer type Pairs Black/Red/CharX cows with fall born Balancer calves. These cows have been exposed back for 70 days to Brangus Bulls and are second and third time calvers.

Oak Ridge Farms

15 four to five year old Brangus cows with spring born calves by Brangus Bulls.