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Bred Cows

Wells Cattle

15 head. 3-5 year old Black and Black Baldy cows bred 5-8 months to Low Birth Weight Angus or Hereford bull. 

Southern Arkansas University

4 Hereford fall calves 4 to 6 years old 2 to 4 months bred to Brangus bull

Dustin Rayburn

4 head of 4 year old Brahman cows bred to W4 Hereford bulls. Will be pairs or heavy breds on sale day. Gentle set of young Brahman cows with F-1 babies.

Cottingham Farms

9 head of 2nd calf True F-1 cows out of Hereford cows and Brahman bulls. Will be fall calvers bred to Kirkes Angus bulls. A real set of calf raisers.

AB Cattle

8 head of 2nd calving Tigerstripe cows bred to have early fall calves to Angus or Brahman bulls 

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