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Cow/Calf Pairs

LL Cattle

4 F-1 pair with Char or Angus calves
3 heavy bred mates

Allen Farms

6 head of 1st calf heifers pairs. Calves sired by Angus or Red Baldface bull.  Brangus type females with December and January born calves.

Milam Cattle

25 head of 1st calf heifer pairs. Heifers will be True F-1 and BrahmanX with Smith Farms Angus and CV Ledbetter Red Angus sired calves. A real fancy set of Xbred heifers that are milking well.

BK Cattle

20 head of 1st calf tigerstripe and Xbred pairs. Calves sired by Angus bulls. Will make a fancy set of Brahman influenced cows.

Big Pine Ranch

20 head of heifer pairs. F-1 Black Baldies with Angus babies. Moderate and Efficient cows with fast growing calves