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Open Heifers

Mark Smith

20 head open heifers. Home raised and fancy F-1s and heavy crosses weighing 700-800 pounds. Unexposed and ready to breed.

A&M Cattle

7 head of open heifers. Brangus and Crossbreds ready to breed

Circle H

20 head of ¼ blood heifers out of ½ blood Brahman cows and CV Ledbetter Red Angus bulls. Nice set of heifers with a tick of ear. Ready to breed.

Allan & Wendy Cassell

5 head of Black Baldy & 4 head of Red Baldy open heifers out of Gardner Angus and Sand Hand Ranch SimAngus cows and Triple S Hereford bull. Heifers will be 14-15 months old and ready for the bull of your choice.

Cottingham Farms

4 head of True F-1 open heifers out of Hereford cows and Brahman bulls.

Larry Daniel

11 open heifers, SimAngus X Gelbvieh, 14-17 months old (8 Blacks & 3 Reds)

Double D Farms

27 open heifers, true 1/4X out of F-1 Black and Tigerstripe cows by Hereford Bulls. Homeraised, easy to handle and ready to breed

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