Open Heifers

Milam Cattle Co.

7 head Open Tigerstripe heifers. Fancy set of tigerstripes with color and depth to be the cowman’s kind.

Milam Cattle Co.

5 Purebred Red Angus and 3hd ½ Red Angus ½ Hereford open heifers. Gentle set of red and red baldy heifers.

Judd Milam

8 head group of Rattlesnake brindles and ½ blood Brahman heifers that will make a real momma cow.

Southern Arkansas University 

4 head of purebred Brangus heifers. 13-15 months old, gentle for anyone!

Southern Arkansas University

21 head of super baldy open heifers all being produced out of a crossbreeding program of the University's purebred Hereford and Brangus Programs. All of the crossbred heifers produced are being offered for sale, none are being held back. Heifers are 13-15 months old with an average weight of over 725 pounds, they are super easy to handle and have plenty of eye appeal.

Yates Ranch

4 head of open Purebred Brahman heifers

Yates Ranch

12 open Purebred Charolais heifers. Unexposed and ready for bulls

Yates Ranch

12 head open Braford/Crossbred heifers. Really nice heifers!

Yates Ranch

10 head open heifers. They are1/2 blood black and black motley’s. These are some Fancy cowmakers!

Double D Farms

14 head of open heifers. Home-raised 1/4 cross

All Hereford sired, out of F1 Black or Tigerstripe cows. Really nice and ready to breed.

MJM Farms

2 head of Purebred open Brahman heifers.  Good looking heifers that will develop into something special. 

MJM Farms

8 head True F-1 open heifers out of Brahman cows and Hereford bulls. Fancy heifers with a good disposition.

Loe Farms

4 head Purebred open Horned Hereford heifers. Ready for the bull of your choice.