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Bred Heifers

Dustin Rayburn

10 head of Fall calving True F-1 blacks bred to Low Birth Weight Riverbend Farms SimAngus bulls. Bulls went in January 1st for 75 days. And 3 head of True F-1 black pairs with spring born calves sired by Hoffman Horned Hereford bulls.

Cottingham Farms

4 head of True F-1 heifers bred to Low Birth Weight Kirkes Angus bulls for fall calves.

Maytag Cattle Company

2 head of Purebred Brahman heifers bred to Low Birth Weight Angus bull. Really gentle with a lot of eye appeal.

Hendry Ranch

30 bred heifers, mostly Brangus bred to calving ease Angus bulls. Late summer to fall Calvers. Nice set of good sized heifers with plenty of age.

Roy Britt

6 fall bred heifers, Char/Beefmaster/Balancer type heifers bred to calve early fall to calving ease Beefmaster bull