Open Heifers

Morris Farm

10 true F-1 open heifers out of Brahman cows by Hereford bulls. These girls are big, stout and ready to breed!

University of Arkansas - Monticello

5 head open Beefmaster X Charolais heifers that are home-raised from the UAM herd.

JA Cattle

15hd Purebred open Brahman heifers.  Heifers are coming 2 year olds and sired by V8 Brahman bulls.  Fancy set of heifers that will be ready to breed to start an F-1 program or keep raising purebred cattle. These kind are hard to find.

Milam Cattle Co.

5 head of F-1 Red Angus X Brahman open heifers. These ladies will make a great set of mama cows.

Jake Milam

2 head of red crossbred heifers ready to be bred to the bull of your choosing.

Tim Nix

3 head True F-1 open heifers out of Hereford cows and brahman bull & 2 head ½ blood brahman sired open heifers. Gentle set of cowmakers.

Milam Cattle Co.

The Milams are bringing us 4 head of Registered open Brahman heifers.

F & F Cattle, Inc.

F & F Cattle is offering 40 head of crossbred open heifers:

Seven Jersey x Brahman x Hereford 

Ten fancy Brangus

Six blonde crossbreds

Five black 1/2 Brahman

Five tiger stripes 

Seven Brafords


These are 800+ pound open heifers with plenty of age to breed as fall calvers!